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Online Examination System

Nowadays everything is becoming Digital. You can see the Banking sector, hospitality, and healthcare sector are using digital technologies. In the same way, the educational sector is going under radical changes. Many educational institutes are offering online classes, assessments, and exams. Thanks to technology that you can assess a student’s knowledge by using computer-based tests.

WR e-Exams is the last online examination system you will ever need! With our easy Online Exam System you will set up your own engaging exams that fit any kind of difficulty level. Build and create your online exams & tests with great ease and provide your users with appropriate feedback, so they will have a rich learning experience.
With our easy Online Examination System, you can create an account by the login.

There are two main logins:

  • 1. Admin Login
  • 2. Student Login

By using these logins admin can make secure important data. Various types of reports are also available for this application. We can search reports by dates, Student or Exam, etc.


1. Rapid results with minimum time

In an online examination, your result will show within a few minutes because of the auto evaluation feature. This auto evaluation feature helps the system to check all the answers by comparing it with the predefined answers. This will helps teachers to give tests results in minimum time without effort.

2. Security of tests

An online exam provides security to the examination process. After uploading questions on the system you can give different questions to different students. So there is no chance of cheating. This is not possible in a paper-based exam. There is no chance to leak the paper.

3. Cost-Effective and Environment-Friendly solution

An Online examination system helps you to reduce your cost of printing question papers and answer sheets. It will take a lot of time and effort to print the question papers and answers. But the online education system helps you to save your time.

4. Get rid of exam centers

You can take an exam wherever you are. The students don’t need to appear in the examination centers. An online exam will reduce the cost of travel, hiring examiner, providing security to centers.

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